Commercial mortgage


We are licensed to broker commercial mortgages in New York and New Jersey

Commercial property consists of property that is not occupied as the owner's residence.  This could be a storefront, retail strip mall, warehouse or an apartment building with more than 4 residential units.

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We've been where you are and have endured the stress of waiting and hoping for financing. We've done it enough times that we can help you structure your deal and steer past the wrong lenders and get you set up with real lenders who understand real estate, have great relationships with their underwriters and do not waste time.

Commercial Real Estate Financing Basics

Any deal can be financed. There are generally only four questions to consider.

How risky is the acquisition?

Are you buying a chemical weapons factory in the middle of an active war zone in a war torn country known for frequent riots, tornadoes and hurricanes or are you buying a building leased by the Pope under a 99-year lease?

How soon do you need the money?

Can you wait for traditional banks to process your application through several departments or do you need to close yesterday?

How much  collateral do you have in relation to the amount you seek?

If you are looking to borrow $1,000,000, do you have $250,000 collateral or $5,000,000 collateral?

How liquid is that collateral?

Is the collateral in the form of something that can be converted to cash within hours like cash itself? Or is it something like real estate which might take months to sell?

A New York Real Estate edition of the Monopoly board game

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